If you like to adventure beyond the resort boundaries, you will find some of the Utah’s best backcountry touring terrain surrounding Eagle Point. In cooperation with the National Forest Service, the Resort offers five gates where skiers and riders can access the vast lands and peaks of Fishlake National Forest. Experience the beauty of the Tushars while hounding fresh powder with your own group or hire a guide.

Tushar Mountain Tours offers guided tours including the option to spend the night in one of two backcountry Yurts. For more information on guided tours, visit Tushar Mountain Tours.


Eagle Point in partnership with the Fishlake National Forest Service provides access to the backcountry. Eagle Point provides five backcountry gates to access beyond the area boundaries. Eagle Point does not allow skiing under a rope or past area boundary or closed signs - both of which are prohibited. To access the backcountry one MUST go through designated gates only. There is signage at each gate identifying the gate and the risks of exiting the ski area. In exiting the resort you are assuming the risks associated with skiing outside the permit boundary.

Travel in the backcountry can be exhilarating but it can also present risks and dangers. The terrain beyond Eagle Point boundary is in its natural state and entering the backcountry involves risks including those posed by deep snow, avalanches, steep terrain, cliffs and other terrain variations. When entering the backcountry, you are assuming the risks of skiing in areas that do not receive any avalanche control work and are not managed by Eagle Point Ski Patrol. Eagle Point cannot guarantee that it will be able to perform a search and rescue in the backcountry and will not put patrollers at risk to perform search and rescue work in dangerous avalanche conditions.

For those who are educated, experienced, and prepared with the proper equipment including backpack, shovel, avalanche beacon, probe, climbing skins, ski mountaineering equipment, extra clothing, food, water, cell phone, etc., the backcountry can be a wonderful experience at the right time. It also can be deadly at the wrong time.

Ski and ride responsibly.

Call 855-EAGLE-PT (855-324-5378), 435-438-3700 or email info [at] skieaglepoint [dot] com for more information!