Snow Report

Last Updated: Tue, 06/21 8:08 pm

Closed for 2015/16 season. See you this summer for a cool mountain escape from the heat or next winter for a long weekend of skiing and snowboarding. Thanks for an amazing season!
Road Conditions
Lifts and Runs
Skyline - Double Chair: 
Symbol Status Comments
Holly's Loop GreenClosed-
Belknap Bow GreenClosed-
Elk Meadows BlueClosed-
Glacier Glade GreenClosed-
Crescent Moon GreenClosed-
Broad Street GreenClosed-
Maddie's Maze GreenClosed-
Tunnel VisionBlueClosed-
Monarch Triple Chair: 
Symbol Status Comments
Big Horn GreenClosed-
Cassidy BlueClosed-
Annabel Way BlueClosed-
Quakies BlueClosed-
Hummingbird BlueClosed-
Full Moon BlueClosed-
Hannah's Haze BlueClosed-
Teddy's Twist BlueClosed-
Avery's Alley BlueClosed-
Falling WaterBlueClosed-
Tushar Peaks Surface Lift: 
Symbol Status Comments
Black Diamonds PassGreenClosed-
Symbol Status Comments
Lookout Quad: 
Symbol Status Comments
Wolverine BlueClosed-
Puffer's Pass BlueClosed-
The Narrows BlueClosed-
Paiute Crossing BlueClosed-
Country Road BlueClosed-
Beaver Tail BlueClosed-
Tushar diamond-oneClosed-
Hoodoos diamond-oneClosed-
Whiteout diamond-oneClosed-
Moki Steps diamond-oneClosed-
Anasazi Freefall diamond-oneClosed-
Sharp's Cut diamond-oneClosed-
Vertigo diamond-oneClosed-
Delano Drop diamond-oneClosed-
Satisfaction diamond-oneClosed-
Donner's Descent diamond-oneClosed-
Missing Linc diamond-oneClosed-
Runaway Carterdiamond-oneClosed-
Canyonside Double Chair: 
Symbol Status Comments
Miles' Meteor diamond-oneClosed-
Subway BowlBlueClosed-
Snow Shuttle: 
Symbol Status Comments
Paiute Shuttle NoneClosed-
Lower Steeps ShuttleNoneClosed-

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