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Ten Things to Do This Summer at Eagle Point Resort

Adventure awaits among the pine trees and mountain tops surrounding Eagle Point Resort. The natural environment is filled with trails, lakes, streams, and panoramic mountain views to the valleys below.  



Rent an Off-Road E-Bike

For an awesome, eco-friendly adventure traversing the hundreds of miles of trails around and beyond the resort, we offer a fleet of Bakcou Electric Bikes available to rent for half or full-days. Bakcou E-Bikes are designed for smooth or rugged terrain so that you can access the well-known and hidden gems of the surrounding area. Reservations are required. Click here to explore options and reserve.

Hike a Trail

As a guest, you are welcome to hike the resort’s ski trails with Country Road offering a consistent stroll that will ascend about 1,000 feet to the top, after originally descending from the backside of Canyonside Lodge. The views at the top are vast, wide, and majestic. Others opt to start from Skyline Lodge and head up Big Horn where you can pass through a gate and begin up 12,000 foot Mount Holly. Always use caution and bring plenty of water. Gentler hikes can be found around Puffer Lake east of the resort on Highway 153.

The Skyline National Recreation Trail is considered one of the best high mountain hikes in southern Utah. While lengthy and at times arduous, the first mile of each end offers plenty of adventure and is considered very family friendly. Click here for a map and to learn more.

Mountain Biking

Bring your own or rent one from our good friends at Tucker High Adventure Tours who will deliver it to you at the resort. You can go just about anywhere, or the MTB Project and Trail Forks have maps of the single track trails on and beyond the resort. 

Paddleboard Rentals

Make your paddleboard reservation today through our estore!  If you're looking for peace and quiet, and to spend a little time outdoors but at your own pace, paddleboarding is one of the best ways to spend the day.

Take a Ride on the Paiute Trail

The Paiute ATV Trail System consists of over 275 miles of marked trails and it has been named by Dirt Wheels and ATV Illustrated as one of the top 15 trails in the nation with a Top 5 rating. From rocky climbs to smooth meadows, the diverse trails cater to riding for all abilities. Tucker High Adventure Tours offers UTV Rentals delivered to the resort, or you can hire their local tour guides for a customized experience.

Make a Friend an Enemy

Stealthily sneak through the woods of our paintball field located adjacent to Skyline Lodge. The resort offers all the supplies you need and is by reservation only through our estore.

Spot some Wildlife

When people ask where to find four legged friends or those that soar with wings, the truthful answer is to just keep your eyes open. However, mornings and evenings are often best to spot some deer or elk, with “Big Flat” before sunset on Highway 153 about 15 minutes past the resort, a great option to increase your odds. Bald Eagles have been spotted at Puffer Lake 5 minutes east of the resort on Highway 153. Click here to read about 12 animals you can look for around the resort.

Scale a Vertical Rockface

Tucker High Adventure Tours offers guided climbing and rappelling tours and courses for virtually any ability. Climbing locations are within a few minutes of the resort and you will want to reserve at least a day in advance.


The BEST place to fish?  Well, we can’t tell you that because those secrets are between anglers and the streams. But Three Creeks Reservoir and Puffer Lake are easily-accessible and only 5 minutes before or beyond the resort on Highway 153, and if you are lucky, the fish will be easy to catch too. Secluded LaBaron Lake requires a little more adventure, but most cars can make the trek about 20 minutes east of the resort on Highway 153 via “Big Flat”.


At 10,000 feet, Eagle Point Resort is your gateway to gazing towards other galaxies.  For the same reason some of the most powerful telescopes on earth are perched on top of mountains, the Tushar Mountains’ low humidity and dew point plus less air between you and the stars means better seeing conditions/less atmospheric distortion.  The resort’s limited, low profile lighting further reduces the chance of light pollution allowing the stars of the show to shine bright.  

Two miles past the resort on Highway 153 is Puffer Lake for a convenient stargazing adventure.  About 10 minutes past Puffer Lake via a gravel road (still Highway 153) is Big Flat, one of Dark Sky’s premier stargazing locations in the United States where 360 views provide a sense of awe you will never forget.


Click here check out the Adventure Map to orient yourself and find more adventure.