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River Rafting

Another great day excursion from Eagle Point is rafting on the Sevier River. Fed by two distinct headwaters to the south, the river flows north until it runs into the Paiute Reservoir. From Paiute Reservoir, the water is dam-controlled, making the rafting and kayaking season consistently long. 

The river flows through scenic Marysvale valley, surrounded by mountain peaks rising up to 12,189 feet. It then enters Marysvale Canyon and begins a drop of 60 feet per mile. The steep canyon walls present a scenic backdrop with formations and sheer cliffs rising 500 feet above the rivers course.

You might encounter bald and golden eagles, red tailed hawks, deer, beaver, muskrat, cougar and many other species in the area including black bear. The fishing is excellent in the area so be sure to bring your gear.

For more information on rafting this scenic waterway, you can visit the Sevier River information page on