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Eagle Point—Things to Know Before you Go

To ensure that your experience is as smooth as it will be memorable, we recommend you consider the following prior to your arrival:

  • If you are considering lessons, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND reserving lessons in advance—particularly during late December.  You can visit our Lessons Guide  and email  or call 855-324-5378 to secure your reservation.  We simply cannot guarantee there will be space available without a reservation.
  • Due to inability to predict how many guests will need rentals on any given day, and what sizes they will need, we cannot guarantee sizes or availability and recommend arriving early on your first morning of skiing and riding.
  • Arrive safely and bring snowchains. They are often required by the Utah Department of Transportation, and we always recommend having them when traveling to the mountains where weather can be unpredictable.  And forecasts indicate that there may be occasional snow throughout December.   Here is a link to several options, and be sure to purchase the appropriate size for your vehicles’ tires.  We have found the Peerless Auto-Trac to be as user-friendly as snow chains can be.
  • Print our Village Map and/or save the image on your cell phone.  Cell phone reception is not always reliable in the mountains so please plan ahead the ensure that you can locate the Reservation Check-In at Canyonside Lodge and your undersatnd you lodging location.
  • Start drinking lots of water.  At 10,000 feet, the air is thinner and drier than what your body is accustom to and increasing your intake of water several days before departure will help combat the effects of altitude.  Taking Tylenol the days leading up to departure has been known to combat the effects of altitude.  As always, consult your physician before consuming medication.