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6 Plant Species to Find In and Around Eagle Point

While enjoying some of our hikes, don’t forget to look around at the variety of flora all around you. From the beautiful purple of the Utah Columbine, or the bright reds of the Indian Paintbrush, to the simple Manzinita shrub, there is something to excite the eye everywhere you look. Spend the day at Puffer lake surrounded by Utah’s state tree, the Blue Spruce, or relax in one of the many Aspen Grove surrounding Eagle Point. No matter which direction your legs take you there is a little something for everyone.


Utah Columbine at Eagle Point Resort

Aquilegia scopulorum is found growing in rocky slowes in the subalpine forests and meadows surrounding Eagle Point.  


Indian Paintbrush at Eagle Point Resort

Castillejachromosa grows to 12 to 18 inches.



Manzinita at Eagle Point Resort

Arctostaphylos patula is a wide spreading, green leavedshrub with simple, unlobed, smooth-edged leaves about the sized of a quarter and with smooth reddish-brown bark.



Quaking Aspen at Eagle Point Resort

Populus tremuloides can be identified by their smooth, white bark marked by blackscars where flower branches are naturally self-pruned and heart shapedleaves.



Pinyon Pine at Eagle Point Resort

Pius edulis is a small to medium size tree, reaching 10–20 metres (33–66 ft) tall and with a trunk diameter of up to 80 centimetres (31 in).The bark is irregularly furrowed and scaly. The leaves ('needles') areinpairs.




Blue Spruce at Eagle Point Resort

Picea pungen Engelm is the official state tree of Utah and is found primarily in moist soil and along streams, from 8,000-11,500 ft.