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Winter 2020/21 Season Pass Pickup Instructions

To limit contact within our lodges, we are strongly encouraging Season Pass Holders to receive their pass prior to arriving for their first time at the resort this winter season. For anyone that wants to use their Pass at a partner resort or can help us minimize contact with resort staff we have established the following options for obtaining your pass:

Step #1

Please email a headshot to, providing your full name and delivery method from the options below, along with Order ID# received in your confirmation email at the time of purchase. If you are a Student or Military please send a copy of your Student ID along with your headshot.

Step #2

Select a delivery or pick up method

  1. If you want the Pass sent to you, provide the address and we will call you to collect $12.50 via credit card.
  2. Pick up the pass when you arrive at the resort.  Assuming you have already sent in your headshot well in advance, please also email the day before you arrive to let them know you will be arriving on a given day, and a Ticket Attendant at Skyline Lodge will have the pass for you.  Bring your ID including a Student or Military ID if necessary.
  3. Pick up the pass at Tucker High Adventure Tours provided that we have 3 days advance notice so that we can deliver the pass to them.  Tucker High Adventure Tours is located in Beaver, UT on Highway 153 at the base of the canyon before making the ascent to the resort—on the left, at the sharp turn after the golf course. 

Please note that we will not be able to receive the headshot at night and print the pass for you the next morning.  Please plan in advance to help everyone have a safe start to the season.