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Winter Season Reflections

We did it.

We asked guests to “Mask Up” and they did.  We pleaded for mother nature to produce, and while late to the party, she arrived as beautiful as ever in her white dress producing magical weekends and several of our iconic #powderfriday days through March. We asked everyone to be patient, and they were. We opened as planned on December 17 and we closed as planned on April 4.

Every season has its surprises. We voluntarily limited capacity on certain days during the holiday season where limited terrain shrunk the mountain, all to preserve the Eagle Point guest experience. Saddened that we had to tell some families “sorry, we are full”, we felt it was the right choice. Still, more guests in winter 2020-21 visited Eagle Point than any year in our 11 year history. And yet, there were still no lift lines...

And NEVER have we needed skiing more. To be outdoors. To heal our souls with nature. To be with other people experiencing joy, to remain distant but together in our shared experience of fun, laughter and adventure. We missed seeing the smiles, but we know they were there, as wide as ever, though covered up to preserve our collective ability to continue skiing and riding.

We recognize that many guests were not able to secure on-mountain lodging as the holiday season and every weekend produced lodging sell outs. This is testament to the vision I had over 11 years ago, when the resort reawakened with a new name and new purpose: skiers and riders were yearning for a place void of the crowds, prices, and complications found at many resorts. There are of course many amazing resorts in Utah and beyond, but sometimes people just want something…different. I spent a little less time on the mountain this winter, and more time planning for resort improvements and expansion. I was able to do this because I have faith in the amazing team at the resort, and faith in our guests returning year after year. In December we began accepting reservations for Polestar, 18 condominium units set to begin construction this summer near the Tunnel Vision underpass. By February they were sold out. Land is scarce with less than a handful of properties available for sale.

 We have other plans for the future as well but you would be crazy to think I’m going to tell you all about them now. Much like the tracking of a storm, you will need to embrace the anticipation. Our plans are born from over a decade of observation and listening to guests. My pledge is to preserve the unique mountain experience we have while continually improving upon the guest experience. The Tushar Mountains are a treasure. “I didn’t know a place like this existed anymore” is what we hear most. We can mature while preserving both of those.

If you have not experienced Eagle Point in the summer I invite you to. Now might also be a good time to let you know that during summer 2020 lodging was sold out virtually every weekend. We expect the same this summer. Hiking, fishing, mountain biking, ATV riding, rock climbing, and just BEING among miles and miles of trails and the untouched forest that awaits after the snow melts sometime in June. We look forward to welcoming brides and grooms back to express their love amidst a mountain backdrop. Additionally, we will host a boutique music festival and wellness retreat June 11-14, welcome back the Mountain Archery Festival June 25-27, the annual Crusher Tushar on July 10, and the Tushars Mountain Runs on July 31.

It has been our pleasure to serve you this season, as always.

Forever grateful,
Shane Gadbaw
Eagle Point Resort, Owner/CEO