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Thank You Guests of Winter 2022/23

 How do you determine the “Best Season Ever”?

Every season is special, but during this one: every trail was open on Opening Day; it snowed seemingly 12” every 4-5 days; and, we lost count, but believe we declared 9 days a #PowderFriday. Well then, I’m prepared to say this is the Best Season Ever in the 13 years since Eagle Point Resort came to be. The consistency of the snowfalls followed by bluebird days produced a dream winter. Thank you mother nature and thank you guests. 

The soul of skiing exists at independent resorts. Our commitment to joining others on Indy Pass acknowledges as much. We provide an entry point for families starting their skiing or riding journey, and a unique respite for experienced winter enthusiasts that need a breadth of freshness to “remind myself what it is all about”, as one guest shared with me this winter. Family, friendship and nature are powerful ingredients to joy.

This season saw record total visitors and record lodging occupancy (effectively sold out every single weekend). Many came for the powder. Others sought out a sunny day. All left with new memories. 

We are at a flexion point as a resort. We recognize this as a team and are excited about the future. We are still and always will be Eagle Point, a discernibly different experience than almost every other resort in the West. We are challenged with maintaining the charm, value and unique benefits of the resort (including the lack of crowds) while continuously improving the guest experience. We progress while remaining true to our essence, and not charging $250 a lift ticket to get there. We will remain accessible, and improve upon and add amenities. To anyone who is concerned about “turning into everywhere else”, that is simply not going to happen. Our goal is to be better, not just bigger for the sake of it. 

Before we get to next winter, it will be a busy offseason at Eagle Point, after all of the snow finally melts:

  • We welcome back the Mountain Archery Fest for a 4th year in a row June 23-25. Beginners and experts are all welcome to this amazing, family-friendly event that has earned a reputation as the best archery event in Utah and arguably the entire western United States.
  • We are the home of the Crusher in the Tushar, taking place on July 8th. This will be the 12th year for the 69 mile bike race.  We applaud in admiration as some of the best professional cyclists in the world tackle over 10,000 feet of climbs.
  • The town of Beaver comes alive for Pioneer Day, July 24, and July 4th. America exists in the wholesome goodness within celebratory festivities (parades, rodeos, fireworks) in towns like Beaver.
  • A high elevation race of 100K, 70K, and half marathon, The Tushars Mountain Runs is back again July 29.  We mortals tip our caps to these athletic warriors.
  • Others will opt to say “I Do” this summer at Eagle Point, and even more will simply enjoy the fresh mountain air. Average temps of 70-75 degrees in mid-summer feels magical to many that visit from Utah, Las Vegas and beyond. Hiking, fishing, canoeing, ATV riding, rock climbing, horseback riding are just some of the many activities available to anyone with a love of the outdoors and a sense of adventure. Our rugged fleet of off-road E-bikes can get you just about anywhere. And if you have not experienced the majesty of fall in the Tushar Mountains, I can only assure you that your life is not yet complete.


With winter Opening Day only eight months away, here is what is in the works:

  • Our planned upgrade of Monarch Lift that was delayed this fall due to early season snowfall is priority #1 this summer.  It may take a while for the snow to melt off, but once it does, we're on it. Skyline Lift will also be updated to increase the capacity (and eliminate skipping chairs at the loading terminal).
  • We will be building 27 new condos this offseason, many of which will be rentals on the resort’s lodging platform. These small scale developments will allow more guests to enjoy the ski-in/ski-out experience at reasonable value compared to other resorts where ski-in/ski-out costs a monthly paycheck. Simultaneously, some of the most luxurious cabins in southern Utah will be available next summer to rent as owners finalize their dream homes and offer them to guests.
  • Did someone say connector lift? Recently, the resort reached an agreement with the Utah Department of Transportation to allow the planned connector lift to cross Highway 153. We are not yet able to project which winter season the lift will be ready, but our plan is to begin Phase 1 this summer. It may take a few offseasons, but you are ready for it and we have been ready for it for a long time.  Finally, for the first time ever, the upper and lower mountains will be connected without needing a shuttle bus. Locals have been skiing previously named Mt. Holly and Elk Meadows for decades and this will be a transformative moment for the combined resort. If I could figure out a way to put it in tomorrow, I would.
  • Lookout Chair will gain mountain bike hooks as we continue building out the summer recreation offering. Lap restraints are coming for Canyonside Lift not only for winter, but for foot traffic as well to ride in the summer. Stay tuned for announcements about lift-served summer activities launching later this summer. 

Every day I am grateful for our guests and am humbled that you choose to spend your time at Eagle Point. Thank you to the Season Pass holders, to the daytrippers, to the first-time visitors, to the weekend warriors, to the families big and small and the lone wolves too. Thank you everyone for your support. May we be fortunate to be buried in snow again next year and many years to come.

For the love of the outdoors,



Shane Gadbaw

Owner/Operator, Eagle Point Resort