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Rising above 12,000 feet, the Tushar Mountains surrounding Eagle Point provide a wide array of backcountry options for skiers, riders, snowmobilers and more.

It is important whenever entering the backcountry for any form of recreation that participants have proper training and equipment including avalanche training, understanding of snowpack, local terrain knowledge, and proper backcountry gear. While rewarding, adventuring into the backcountry presents significant risk and can be unforgiving, requiring experience and contingency planning in advance.

For those with proper training, experience and equipment, there is a backcountry gate from Eagle Point to the Fishlake National Forest. Beyond the resort boundary, there are thousands of acres of terrain accessible for touring. Once you enter the backcountry you are “on your own”, beyond the operations and resources of the resort team.

Always check avalanche conditions prior to any trip in the backcountry It is critical to consider not only your own backcountry education and training but any person in your group as well, and you should never venture alone. “Know Before You Go” classes are a great introduction to recognizing avalanche terrain.

For midweek adventuring, lodging is available through the resort on both operating and non-operating days.

For those that want a taste of a “backcountry experience” within resort boundaries, on days when the resort is open there are “hike out” trails off of the Lookout Lift below the Country Road trail. On most days the hike out trail is groomed, and takes about 15-20 minutes to return to the bottom of Lookout. Is it worth it? That’s up to you to decide.



Adventurers can access the backcountry through the gate above Monarch Lift, with parking avaialble at the Skyline Lodge in the lower parking lots (Do not park in the uppermost parking lot or your car may be towed. The uppermost parking lot is reserved for employees and paying customers. Please park in one of the lower parking lots.). Uphill travel is permitted on Big Horn ONLY and there is no “uphill fee”. From the backcountry access point, you are able to ski/board Mt. Holly, Mt. Delano, and Lake Peak. After skinning up to the gate located behind/above the Monarch Lift, you enter the Fishlake National Forest—there is no avalanche control beyond that point. You may re-enter through the gate and ski back down to your vehicle or more commonly, due to terrain shape, near the bottom of the Monarch Lift and skin back up to the parking lot. Please be aware that while the resort may be closed to the public during that time, resort staff may be operating machines on the hill and it is your responsibility to be aware of the surroundings, know where you are going, and have the knowledge to self-rescue. During operating times, it is the responsibility of uphill travelers to be aware of and avoid skiers and riders.



Backcountry skiing and riding is not the only activity you can do around Eagle Point in the winter. Snowmobiling is popular activity to enjoy in the backcountry, however, snowmobiles are not permitted on any trails at any time whether the resort is open or not. Puffer Lake is a wonderful snowmobile launching point with access to Big Flat along marked trails.

For midweek adventuring, lodging is available through the resort on both operating and non-operating days.
Snowshoeing is also a great way to explore the mountains and get exercise in the winter and snowshoes can be rented from the resort at Skyline Lodge during normal operating hours.


There is an experienced, local guide service for backcountry tours as well. Whether you have proper training and equipment or not, an understanding of the local terrain is very important in the backcountry.

Offering skiing, boarding, and snowshoe tours for those just getting into backcountry exploration or seasoned vets new to the Tushar Range, with experienced guides and local knowledge they can help you explore beyond the boundaries. They also offer backcountry gear rentals, beacons, probes, shovels and packs.

Visit them at Tucker High Adventure Tours

For midweek adventuring, lodging is available through the resort on both operating and non-operating days.