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An outdoor playground full of choices.  From exhilarating downhill single track to casual strolls on well-manicured trails, there are no wrong journeys to take.  Whatever you choose, your moments will be graced by the pine trees and mountain tops surrounding Eagle Point resort.  And among them you will find abundant wildlife singing songs and foraging through the meadows.  Peering into the blue sky you may find a majestic bald eagle, on the hillsides a rare mountain goat, and if you know where to gaze you are sure to eventually find one of our many resident porcupines.

  • Ride 5 single track trails for a total of 11 miles; plus hundreds of miles of off-resort trail options to explore
  • Dozens of easily accessible well marked on-mountain hiking and walking trails
  • Stroll for hours among beautiful wildflowers or challenge yourself amid the third tallest group of mountains in Utah, all accessed from the Monarch Backcountry Gate
  • Witness mule deer and elk in their natural environment, seek out our resident porcupines, and turn your eyes to the sky in search of local bald eagles

Eagle Point Regional Adventure Map



Eagle Point Resort Adventure Map



Eagle Point Mountain Biking Map

Use the map on the right to navigate the many trails that are available during the summer months. Click on a specific trail to get details like elevation gain, total distance, and a description of what type of terrain you'll encounter on this ride. To view/download a static trail map, click here.

Brown Trails
Hiking only

Black Trails

Blue Trails

Green Trails


Additional Mountain Bike Resources:

  • has a great overview of the trails throughout the area.  Click here to access.
  • displays the trails as well including some that extend well beyond the resort.  Click here to access.


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