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Snowcat Excursion

A sunset perspective few have experienced

After the lifts stop, the beauty of the Tushar Range is enhanced by stunning sunsets painting the 12,000 foot peaks an orange hue. Silence and peacefulness envelop the region. Each breath you draw seeps deeper into your soul.

If you come to Eagle Point to make memories with family and friends, this exclusive private offering may be the most unforgettable of them all. Departing from Canyonside Lodge, your personal heated snowcat will initially descend to 9,000 ft. before climbing, via the Country Road trail, to 10,138 ft. where the toasty confines and 360 degree views of the Lookout Warming Hut will greet your party.

"We wanted to create the ultimate mountain evening experience to end your amazing day in the Greatest Snow on Earth®"

– Shane Gadbaw, CEO, Eagle Point Resort 



  • Friday and Saturday evenings during the season.
  • Other days available upon request.
  • Departs Canyonside Lodge at 5:00 PM (guests need to arrive at 4:45)
  • Returns to Canyonside Lodge by 6:30PM


  • While the snowcat and Warming Hut are heated, winter clothing is recommended as guests enjoy taking photos and enjoying the amazing sunset views outside.
  • Alcohol is permitted and guests must bring their own. Must be 21 or older to carry or consume.
  • Guests will spend approximately 1 hour at the top.


  • $625 for a party up to 12 people

* This is an exclusive experience, available only one time per evening. Full nonrefundable payment due at reservation. Refunds provided due to inclement weather


  • Appetizer platters are available.
  • S'more kits available for kids (or adults that want to be kids).